For three decades, Hermann Max has been a major contributor to the canon of historically informed performance practice; as conductor of his own ensembles, the orchestra Das Kleine Konzert and the choir Rheinische Kantorei, he sets new standards with his concerts, broadcasts and recordings; and as guest conductor of both modern and period instrument orchestras he consistently widens the spectrum of ‘historic critical’ musicianship beyond the 19th century and into the present day.

As guest lecturer he participates avidly in international seminars and symposia; as editor he presents his new editions of musical rarities to an interested audience; and as artistic director of the Festival Alte Musik in Knechtsteden Basilica for almost twenty years he has helped shape the classical music landscape between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

“… Max allows the eloquent baroque music to speak from within, without showcasing it. There are no forced fortissimi, alienated soloists or amassed sound clusters. In fact every moment of the performance is dedicated to the flow of the music. One would have loved to hear more.”
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger